Connect with the beauty of nature. Experience an online nature therapy programme. 

Join an online nature therapy course with professional eco-therapist Stephen McCabe. Bring more awe and joy into your life. Bond with the natural world and improve your wellbeing through mindfulness and creativity. Discover ecotherapy!
We owe it to ourselves to truly experience nature.

Benefits of online nature therapy courses

These flexible online programmes finally make ecotherapy/nature therapy accessible worldwide.

Improve your wellbeing

Spending deliberate time in nature has been proven to improve mental health and wellbeing. More and more people are turning to therapies such as Shinrin Yoku and Wilderness Therapy.  However, finding a nature therapist to work with has been notoriously difficult—until now! Sign up to start your ecotherapy programme straight away.

Imaginative and inspiring

These unique nature based courses blend the Buddhist-inspired practise of mindfulness with imagination and creativity. These are experiential online courses. You are assigned nature exercises to complete outdoors, and we then explore your experiences online together through online ecotherapy support.

Long-term benefits

The journal-keeping approach encourages you to discover your own unique connection to nature. These online nature based programmes teach you a variety of ways to find joy and peace within the natural world—to incorporate into your life long into the future. Your new ecotherapy practice doesn't stop when the course ends!

WATCH: 'How nature therapy changed my life'

Course author Stephen McCabe shares how he went from paying little attention to nature to becoming an eco-therapist. Find out why he created these programmes.
VIDEO: Introducing the online nature therapy courses.
Nature Therapy Courses: An Introductory Video!

Here is what some past clients have to say...

‘I would like to thank you Stephen for your hard work and understanding. I now have a huge appreciation of my surroundings, ie the wind, water, colour, smell, trees, and this makes my daily walks more interesting and fulfilling. I simply feel more at peace and happier all round. 
nature therapy participant
"Our weekly activities had me revisit a pleasant memory, use my imagination in ways I would not have dreamed, and provided a respite taking in the beauty and variety of these autumn days. It was a growth experience adding as well to what I am learning about gratitude, mindfulness and meditation. All this is now a part of who I am and who I am becoming. 
nature therapy course participant
"Thank you for being a fantastic guide through the last five weeks. This has massively helped me cope with living alone during lockdown, and also re-assessing and exploring my relationship with nature. Thank you so much. I will definitely take some of these practices forward in my life."

nature therapy / eco-therapy course participant

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