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Myths and Tales—A Nature Therapy Programme

The world's myths, legends, fairy tales and folk tales are deeply entwined with nature. This unique two-month ecotherapy programme combines nature therapy with storytelling, mythology, tarot and meditation. If you are drawn to traditional stories and you want to connect deeply with nature, then this might be for you.

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Explore nature's tales...

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Let mythology deepen your connection to nature 

a unique therapeutic course designed by a professional ecotherapist, writer and storyteller
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What is in the woods?

Meet nature's myths and tales: an ecotherapy group to inspire your imagination.

  • Six experiential units over eight weeks
  • 16 nature tasks
  • Professional support
  • Private group forum
  • Get your tarot read
  • Two-hour online group event
  • Original fiction and storytelling available nowhere else
Ecotherapy is a beautiful, natural approach to wellbeing. It is based on the scientifically proven fact that paying close attention to nature improves our wellbeing. It can reduce anxiety and depression, and it offers a sense of connection to the world. Do you feel disconnected from nature? Let stories point the way......

What's included?

  • Six units over eight weeks
  • 16 unique nature exercises
  • Private forum
  • Two-hour online group event
  • Go on a nature pilgrimage
  • Download mini audiobooks and flash fiction available nowhere else

Reconnect with nature

You will learn how to make a deeper connection with nature for your happiness and wellbeing. Ecotherapy eases stress and anxiety, and this unique course uses the power of storytelling to inspire your nature-connection. Each tale is accompanied with a unique nature therapy exercise.

Rediscover life's beauty

 It doesn't matter if you live in the countryside or the city. This course shows you how to connect with nature—wherever you are. You will receive ongoing support from a professional eco-therapist through every step, as well as having access to a supportive private forum full of nature lovers!

To sign up to 'Myths and Tales—A Nature Therapy Course' in April 2021, which includes a two-hour online group event, 16 unique exercises, professional support from an ecotherapist and a private online group forum full of nature lovers, join now!

It was the first time in years that I thought back to being a little girl who would climb trees and explore nature. I now realise that I'm still that same person. I found myself walking off into woodland paths I've never bothered exploring in my home area before. I felt like an adventurer, just here in my own local area."

On 5th April 2021, you get your first week's stories and exercises sent to your inbox. Stories are presented in various formats; storytelling videos, mini audiobooks or original flash fiction. Each story is accompanied by a therapeutic exercise to try in nature, inspired by the tale.

#Explore powerful spiritual myths

The nature-based stories in this course all come from Asia and Europe. Prepare to be touched, shocked, and inspired by the power of myth.

#Lose yourself in story

Stephen McCabe is a storyteller and a published writer, as well as being an eco-therapist. His charming story videos, mini audiobooks and written stories are only available as part of this course; they are not published anywhere else.

#Get your tarot read

Stephen has been reading tarot professionally for over 15 years and he has a creative approach to reading the cards. In Unit Three, you will receive a personalised tarot reading that will send you on a unique nature pilgrimage.

#Try nature meditations

As a trained meditation teacher and practicing Buddhist, Stephen invites you to practice mindfulness and meditation in natural settings. This includes unique exercises such as flower meditations, and a one-of-a-kind mythical visualisation. 
Take a sneaky peek at one of the course stories.....

The Liver Birds of Liverpool

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The is the only story from the course which is available publicly. In the course, it is followed by a guided outdoor audio exercise inspired by the Liver Birds. Take a peek at the video and get a feel for the course....

Stephen McCabe

Stephen is a qualified person-centred counsellor who has been directly supporting people emotionally for over 15 years. He has trained over many years in ecotherapy skills, and he trains others to become ecotherapy practitioners themselves on the Ten Directions programme; an intensive nature therapy course informed by Buddhist psychology. He is the man behind Nature Therapy Online and he runs several nature therapy projects locally in the Lothians/Scotland. He is also a storyteller and a trained meditation guide and he incorporates these skills into his ecotherapy work. 
Stephen McCabe - Course author

Sign up for £155 (around 220 USD), or scroll down for more information!

An experiential two-month therapeutic course.

Let classic mythical tales from Europe and Asia point to the magic of nature.
I loved the varied ways in which you got us to interact with nature. I walk every day with my dog and the exercises really made me connect and reflect in a really mindful way, revealing memories that had otherwise been forgotten. It made me really appreciate the nature on my doorstep and the opportunity I have daily to reconnect.
Nature Therapy PARTICIPANT
I have always loved nature. However, before this course I always thought that to have powerful experiences with nature I had to visit a special landscape like a big mountain or the ocean. Now I am so much more tuned in with the nature that is right here is my home city; the beauty in my own back garden. Places I saw as grim and depressing before this course now seem vibrant and bursting with life. 

Frequently asked questions
(answered by the course author)

Is this course only for people who have access to wild outdoor spaces?

No! Nature is everywhere. You can do these ecotherapy exercises in small city park areas, or even walking through streets looking for nature. Of course, people from rural locations engage really well with online nature therapy too. In short: it doesn't matter where you live!

How is the course structured and when does it start?

On 5th April 2021, you get your first week's exercises in your inbox. You can do your exercises on any days of the following week that suit you. There are six units in this course, spread over eight weeks. You will receive email access to each unit weekly (with a one-week break in the middle of the course). The course content ends after Unit Six when you are assigned your final exercises. We will then have an online group event together on 30th May, when all of the Units are finished. There are 16 exercises in total.

How exactly are the stories presented, and how are they linked to the exercises?

The stories are presented in different formats. Some units present stories to you in video format, where you are offered stories in a charming, meditation-influenced storytelling style. In other units, you are given mini audiobook stories to listen to out within nature. The audiobooks will offer you exercises to try directly after the stories finish. In unit one, you are given three pieces of (very) short fiction to read, all based on nature and mythology. None of the fiction, videos or mini audiobooks are available anywhere else; they are unique to the course. 

The exercises are inspired by a theme from each story. For example, the story about the mythical Liver Birds of Liverpool is followed by a guided walk focusing on the element of air, inviting you to experience the wind and breeze in the way that a bird might.

Do I need to tell stories as part of the course? 

No. This is not a course teaching you storytelling skills. It is a course teaching you new ways of bonding with nature for your own wellbeing. The stories simply provide the inspiration!

How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?

That's up to you, but I would recommend putting aside around 2 hours per week for the tasks. Sometimes it may require a bit more time, sometimes a bit less. If you want to spend longer, the exercises are very flexible so feel free! But if you only have a few hours spare each week, that will be sufficient to engage properly with the course.

I see that most of the stories are told via video or mini-audiobooks, rather than text. Is there access to written versions of the stories?

Yes. For every story that is told via video or audio there is a link to an online written version. 

Is this course best done in warmer seasons?

Not necessarily. People from the Northern and Southern hemispheres have done the course at the same time, in different seasons, and it has been wonderful. Ecotherapy can teach us how to appreciate being outdoors and finding the beauty in nature in colder seasons or even rainy weather. Unless you live somewhere where it may be dangerously cold/hot at certain times of the year, ecotherapy is generally suitable for all seasons.

What about the online group support?

I ask you to post a paragraph or so about your experiences with each exercise in the private group forum. I will reply to all of your comments, offering you personal guidance, advice and reflection on your experiences. This course also includes a two-hour video group meeting via Google Meet at the end of the course. During this session we explore your highlights from the course, and share group experiences. I will offer you tips and advice on how you can take ecotherapy forward in your life.

Who is nature therapy for?

Everyone! Some people are drawn to nature therapy when they are experiencing emotional troubles and are looking for a positive therapy. Some people join simply because they love nature but are struggling to connect with it, and want to learn new tools to engage with it more deeply.

Do I need any materials to do this course?

You will need:
  • a pair of headphones (a small cheap set is fine) and a mobile device which can play audio files (such as a smartphone).
  • A candle and a lighter/match
  • You might like to buy yourself a journal for your notes, but it's not essential. Some people prefer to keep electronic notes, or to use the group forum as a shared diary instead. 

What is the difference between this course and the other courses on your website?

The other ‘Nature Therapy’ courses invite you to practice ecotherapy through a variety of different approaches. This course specifically focuses on mythology, traditional stories, fairy tales and storytelling as the inspiration for nature-connection.

Do I need to live in a particular time zone to take part?

No. The exercises are introduced by pre-recorded videos, and we share our experiences via a private group forum. You can watch the videos and post in the forum at any time of the day/week that suits you, and then catch up with other people’s comments at your leisure. The only set time/date you are asked to attend is one final group get-together at the end of the course, which is over Zoom. However, although I set the date for this meeting in advance, I do not set the time until everybody has booked onto the course. That way, I can look at everyone’s time zones and make sure that the event will happen at the fairest time to suit everyone. 

I do my absolute best to ensure that this meeting doesn't happen in the middle of the night in anyone's timezone (although it may often be early morning or approaching midnight, depending where you live and who books on the course!). However, very occasionally I have people from such diverse timezones on the course (eg someone in California alongside someone in New Zealand) that it may be impossible to accommodate everyone at a decent time. If this is the case, I will approach the group with creative ways around this, such as having two smaller events at different times on the same day instead of one longer event, or other solutions.

I want to become an ecotherapist. Is this the right course for me?

Probably not. If you are interested in introducing a few basic ecotherapy ideas to your work in a casual way, then doing this course might give you some ideas which you are welcome to use. However, this course is not a training course for ecotherapists; it is a personal wellbeing programme and the focus is on you—not working with others. If you are interested in ecotherapy training, I recommend the Ten Directions course, which I am a tutor for.

What can I expect to get out of this course?

I think it is always wise when promoting a therapy course not to promise that it can change every difficult issue in your life for the better. However, nature therapy, for many people, is a transformative practice. This course is designed to make your life feel more peaceful, simple and joyful. The exercises learned in these two months are designed so that you can easily incorporate them into your life once the course is over. The aim is to create a deep connection to nature that lasts long after the course has finished.

To sign up to 'Myths and Tales—A Nature Therapy Course' in April 2021, which includes 16 unique nature therapy exercises, professional support from an ecotherapist and a personal tarot pilgrimage adventure, join now!

Money Back Guarantee

If you reach the end of the first week and you feel that the course is not for you, simply ask for a refund and you will get it.
Why? Because this course is designed to improve your wellbeing. If you don't connect with it, then we would rather you spend your money on another course that is a better fit for you. 
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