Nature Therapy:
Online Group

Research proves that spending time in nature makes us happier. Practise nature therapy by signing up to this experiential four-week online group, starting on 17th October 2020.  Share your experiences with a supportive closed group in a private online forum—plus a special video-call event at the end of the course.

Sign up here for $135 (roughly £100), or scroll down the page for more information. ENROLMENT NOW CLOSED.
Nature Therapy - Online Course

Learn how to live a more beautiful life with this groundbreaking therapeutic online course.

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Four experiential weeks. 
12 nature tasks.
Professional support.
Private group forum.
Two-hour online video session.


Course author and ecotherapist Stephen McCabe introduces his beautiful online ecotherapy course in this short video.

What's included?

  • Four Units over Four Weeks
  • Online support from a professional eco-therapist
  • 12 experiential exercises
  • 12 Videos
  • Two-hour online group event (via video-call)
  • Private online forum

Reconnect with nature

You will learn how to make a deeper connection with nature for your own happiness and wellbeing. Ecotherapy/nature therapy eases stress and anxiety through a variety of mindfulness-based exercises, as well as with creative, imaginative tasks. 

Rediscover Life's Beauty

It doesn't matter if you live in a busy city or in the countryside. This course shows you how to connect with nature—no matter where you are! You will receive ongoing support from a professional eco-therapist through every step, as well as being part of a supportive nature-loving group.

To sign up to the Nature Therapy online group in October 2020, which includes a two-hour video online group session, professional support from an ecotherapist and a private online group forum, join now!

Only $135
Enrolment Closed

An experiential four-week online course helping you to improve your wellbeing through nature connection.

Our Earth is magical. Let's find the magic. 

On 17th October 2020, you get your first week's exercises in your inbox. You can do your exercises on any days of the following week that suit you.

No knowledge of nature needed

Nature therapy is about connecting with life, not analysing it. 

Created and supported by a professional therapist.

Stephen is a qualified eco-therapist and counsellor with over 15 years experience of counselling. 

Positive and Uplifting

All therapies can bring their emotional challenges, and ecotherapy is no different. Most people, however, report finding ecotherapy exercises positive and inspiring.

Be part of a small, closed nature group

The group will be no larger than 12 people, so that the experience is truly personal.
Meet your nature therapist

Stephen McCabe

Stephen is a qualified person-centred counsellor who has been directly supporting people emotionally for over 15 years. He is a qualified ecotherapist, and has completed the ‘Ten Directions’ ecotherapy course run by the Tariki Trust in England; an intensive nature therapy course informed by Buddhist psychology. He is the man behind Nature Therapy Online and he has run several nature therapy groups in Scotland.  He is also a trained meditation teacher and incorporates this into his nature therapy work. 
Stephen McCabe - Course Author

To sign up to the Nature Therapy online group in October 2020, which includes a two-hour video group session on Zoom/Skype, professional support from an ecotherapist and a private online group forum, join now!

Only $135
Enrolment Closed.

Studies have shown that nature therapy/ecotherapy reduces stress and helps many people to deal with anxiety and depression. 

Nature is medicine for our minds.
"I'd like to thank you Stephen for being a fantastic guide through the last five weeks. This has massively helped me cope with living alone during lockdown, and also re-assessing and exploring my relationship with nature. Thank you so much. I will definitely take some of these practices forward in my life.”
nature therapy course participant
"I loved the engaging videos which were filmed in some beautiful places, so it really made me want to get out straight away. I loved the simple but really effective tasks such as cloud watching. Next time i'll be on a walk i'll think of the tasks such as tuning into colours. It's been so beneficial during lockdown to really get in touch with nature"
nature therapy course participant

Frequently asked questions
(answered by the course author)

 Is this course only for people who have access to wild outdoor spaces?

No! Nature is everywhere. You can do these ecotherapy exercises in small city park areas, or even walking through streets looking for nature. Of course, people from rural locations engage really well with online nature therapy too. In short: it doesn't matter where you live!

How is the course structured and when does it start?

On 17th October 2020, you get your first week's exercises in your inbox. You can do your exercises on any days of the following week that suit you.

Each week introduces a new theme. The themes are: connecting to nature, paying deep attention to nature, using imagination and creativity, and perspective. In each unit, you will have access to three exercises which are introduced to you by video (except for one sound/mp3 exercise). The videos come with accompanying PDF documents with bullet-point notes for each exercise. You then have a full week to complete your three exercises, and share your experiences with the group before the following week's exercises arrive in your inbox.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this course?

That's up to you, but I would recommend putting aside around 2 hours per week for the tasks. Sometimes it may require a bit more time, sometimes a bit less. If you want to spend longer, the exercises are very flexible so feel free! But if you only have a few hours spare each week, that will be sufficient to engage properly with the course.

Is this course best done in warmer seasons?

Not necessarily. Ecotherapy can teach us how to appreciate being outdoors and finding the beauty in nature in colder seasons or even rainy weather. Unless you live somewhere where it may be dangerously cold/hot at certain times of the year, ecotherapy is generally suitable for all seasons.

What about the online group support?

At the end of each unit/week, I ask you to post a paragraph or so about your experiences in the private group forum. I reply to you within 24 hours giving you personal guidance, advice and reflection on your work. I encourage group attendees to support each other in the forum too. This course also includes a two-hour group meeting via Google Meet at the end of the course. During this session we explore your highlights from the course, share group experiences, and I will offer you tips and advice on how you can take ecotherapy forward in your life.

You use the terms 'ecotherapy' and 'nature therapy' on this website. Are they the same?

Yes, they both mean exactly the same thing! They refer to any activities that aim to improve people's wellbeing by connecting with nature. I use both terms because some people search online for one term, and some people search for another.

Who is nature therapy for?

Everyone! Some people are drawn to nature therapy when they are experiencing emotional troubles and are looking for a positive therapy. Some people join simply because they love nature but are struggling to connect with it, and want to learn new tools to engage with it more deeply.

Do I need any materials to do this course?

I ask you to keep personal notes for each exercise. You might like to buy yourself a special new journal beforehand, but it's not essential—some people prefer to keep electronic notes. Some exercises might be enhanced by taking photographs, but this isn't necessary and even if you choose to, any standard smartphone camera will suffice.

Why is this online course cheap compared to other online therapy courses?

I decided that the many (many!) hours that I put into this creating course would be a gift to the world: voluntary work. I am not charging for the creation of this course—I charge only for my time spent as a therapist providing support to you throughout the process.

What is the difference between this group and the other courses on your website?

The course content is exactly the same in all options, and all three courses offer roughly the same level of online support. This option, however, is for a group that starts on a specific date, and ends at a specific time, whereas the others can be joined at any time. This course also includes a group forum where we share experiences together as a group, whereas the other courses (options 1 and 2) are for people who prefer to work individually (I support directly by email/zoom).

What can I expect to get out of this course?

I think it is always wise when promoting a therapy course not to promise that it can change every difficult issue in your life for the better. However, nature therapy, for many people, is a transformative practice. This course is designed to make your life more peaceful and joyful. The exercises learned in these four weeks are designed so that you can easily incorporate them into your life once the course is over. The aim is to create a deep connection to nature that lasts long after the course has finished.

To sign up to the Nature Therapy online group in October 2020, which includes a two-hour video group session on Zoom/Skype, professional support from an ecotherapist and a private online group forum, join now!

Only $135
Enrolment Closed.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you reach the end of the first week and you feel that the course is not for you, simply ask for a refund and you will get it—no questions asked.

Why? Because this course is designed to improve your wellbeing. If you don't connect with it, then we would rather you spend your money on another course that is a better fit for you. 
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